Sign Language Classes

CCSLI offers individual or group online classes designed to match your personal schedule. Dioris A. Carmona who serves as our Director of Education and as one of our instructors, is a native speaker of ASL as he was born Deaf. he will assign you to one of our qualified instructors. These classes start as low as $10 per hour because our desire at CCSLI is to make ASL fluency attainable for any individual wishing to learn!

INSTRUCTOR: Dioris A. Carmona BA - Director of Education
Dioris was born deaf, but did not have access to sign language and education fully, unil he was nineteen years of age. This has proven to be a unique asset for him as a Deaf Interpreter, enabling him to provide incredibly accurate, interpreting services for individuals who have had little access to education and use a family developed home sign language. As a Deaf Interpreter, he is also experienced and skilled in working with Deaf-Blind individuals. He has a Bachelors degree in Language Studies and is a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) in the USA. He is +uent in Dominican Sign Language and American Sign Language (ASL). Additionally, he studied and is conversational in Jamaican Sign Language. In recent years, his experience includes working as an ASL Teacher online at a Charter High School in California and serving as a Deaf Interpreter, Interpreter Evaluator and Consultant with the Jamaican Association for the Deaf.

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